.ethan's dad.

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R & R Pro Tip #1

While she’s riding you, caress her entire body - every inch of soft supple flesh you can reach. Squeeze her tits and gently circle her nipples with the tips of your thumbs. Pull her close enough so she can lean in for a wet kiss. Explore the inside of her mouth with your hot tongue. Make her moan in your mouth. Then flip her around, grab her hips, and pound her pussy until your thighs are drenched with its drips.

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R & R Pro Tip #2

Though pussies are self-lubricating, there’s no visible valve that can be turned to flood it instantly. Her whole body is beautiful, so take your time and savor every inch of her. Kiss her deeply and just run your fingertips gently up and down her slit. A must-do pro tip? Pay attention to her clit.

Soon she’ll beg to be ravished. And when that time comes, gentlemen….bring it hard.

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R & R Pro Tip #3

When she’s riding you, let her use your cock like a dildo.  Let her undulate her hips and torso until she gets herself off.  Let her ride you until she cums — only then is it time to drive yourself home.